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Bill’s Movie List~One

I like to think of this  blog space as a place where we explore care of the self through care of our home environment and awareness of life all around us.  We share things that inspire us whether that inspiration is a cool, dark blue, blueberry, a finely appointed kitchen, Van Gogh’s Siesta or a […]


Ask a person what his or her favorite color is and the answer is usually blue, and with good reason too.  Blue is an aspiring and inspiring color.  It symbolizes hope, confidence.  It can be happy or moody, silly or reserved.   Blue is calming and blue is electric.  We see this certain calm when we […]

Autism-We All Have a Little Bit

Autism.  There are so many feelings and realities associated with the word: fear, hope, trust, anger, despair, relief, determination and happiness.  Years ago an autism diagnosis was fairly rare.  Parents were told to put their children in asylums.  Mothers were blamed for their child’s condition.   So much was unknown. Today, we know more about autism, […]