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Sheen: The Importance of Being Accurate

Picking the right paint sheen or finish for your project is critical.  Most people enjoy picking the actual color of the paint; that is the flashy, fun part.  However, there is a technical and equally important aspect to paint.  When choosing your paint, you must also be mindful of its sheen.  There are several “levels” […]

Painting in Millennium Tower

We are painting in Millennium Tower!  For the past several months, we have had the pleasure of painting in Boston’s newest and most exclusive, high-rise condominiums.  Located near Downtown Crossing and the Financial District, Millennium Tower is Boston’s tallest residential building.  We are honored and excited to work on this landmark project.  At six hundred […]

Railing and Balusters

We recently painted a beautiful, wooden railing and baluster system.  Even though we were using the same product for the railing that floor contractors used for the floor, we ran into a challenge.  The floor and the railing were constructed of two different types of wood.  Railings are made of a very hard wood that […]

Best Practices: Sprinklers and Sheetrock Repair

We often come to a job after an emergency repair has been made.  Marlon worked in a similar situation at the Ritz-Carlton Millennium residences.  The maintenance staff had to quickly fix a ceiling leak.  In order to do so, they cut the ceiling sheetrock along its seam, leaving a small hole. Unfortunately, the edge of […]

Color Harmony: The Ping Pong Edition

  We recently helped our clients use color harmony to transform their neutral-hued basement into a colorful ‘arena’ and gathering place.  The family are great fans of ping pong tournaments played between father and son.  Unfortunately, the ping pong balls would get lost in play.  The cream-colored walls perfectly camouflaged the balls as they sailed […]

A New Baby!

At the Larkin Painting Company, we are a community; we are a team; we are family.  Well, today we are very excited to announce the birth of a new baby to one of our team members.  Armend Hashani and his wife welcomed Onik, their second son, on May 27th.  Big brother is already quite the […]

When the Client is Away

Communication is Key Have you ever thought about scheduling a project while you were away from home, but didn’t dare because the process seemed too complicated and risky?  When you work with Larkin Painting, the process is neither complicated nor risky.  Our team performs a lot of our work when clients are away on family […]

Water Damage and Baseboard Repair

Water damage.  Two words that don’t sound great together.  One of our customers recently dealt with water damage.  Water from another apartment leaked into their home.  If they had left the damage untreated, it could have caused significant health risks, such as mold growth.  Mold spores can linger for years.  They cause sinus congestion, allergic […]

May Soul Guide Your Work

Soul guides our work.  At Larkin Painting, we talk about how taking care of your environment supports care of soul.  But soul also supports and guides us in our daily lives and in the work that we do.  We are craftspeople.  We delight in transforming homes, in bringing out the character and unique qualities of […]

Passion is Key – Tasso

Passion is key.  All of our painters have passion for their craft.  It flows so strongly that it gives them energy and motivation to work on their own projects even after working all week in our clients’ homes.  For the last two weeks, Tasso has been toiling away on a project every night after work.  […]