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The Art of Collaboration

How do you turn your vision for your home into reality?  Unfortunately, many people struggle alone.  At Larkin Painting we embrace the art of collaboration.  We recently had the privilege of collaborating on the design of two fun and unique rooms for two fun and unique little people.  The first room featured a Red Sox [...]

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The Special People in Our Lives

During the year, we all try to make sure we take time to recognize and appreciate the special people in our lives.  Sometimes we remember and sometimes we don't.  After all, we are only human.  As cliche as it might seem, the holidays are the perfect time to pause and tell others how much we [...]

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Good Morning

Eight o’clock on any given morning, typically finds the Larkin Painting team in someone’s home.  It is early in the day yet, a time of new beginnings and new adventures out in the world.  It is a precious moment.  The first thing we like to say to each customer as we meet them in this [...]

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The Larkin Painting Experience

What is the Larkin Painting experience?  For sure it is a high-quality, excellent paint job, but it is more!  It is the listening, caring, and service that underpins our work-answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and fulfilling your unique vision of excellence.  The people of Larkin Painting embody the values of servant leadership.  We understand [...]

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Time to Try Something New-Neiman Marcus Project

At The Larkin Painting Company, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality paint services for our customers.  We encourage our clients to be creative and explore different ways to make their homes truly theirs.  You can find inspiration anywhere.  Whether there are certain colors that strike your fancy or patterns that pique your interest, the ways [...]

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The Bee’s Knees

You should meet Christine DaSilva.  She is an extraordinary painter specializing in murals and custom wall design.  One of her latest projects was The Bee Wall as I like to call it.  Christine painstakingly taped the entire wall surface so that she could paint the bees and diagonal lines.  Of course, as can often happen, [...]

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Needham Condo on boston.com

  Needham Condo Bedroom I hope everyone is set to have a glorious Columbus Day weekend! A condominium that we painted is being featured on boston.com and we are very excited!  The Needham home pops with color and wonderful brilliantly hued details; we had a blast painting it.  Click here to check it [...]

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Meet Donna

Meet Donna Baker, our Office Manager.  She helps keep the offices of Larkin Painting humming along smoothly.  Donna has lived in Massachusetts all of her life, and was born and raised in Needham.  Some of you may even know her from Needham High. She has an impressive twenty years experience making sure busy offices run [...]

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Fourteen Years! Part Two

A few weeks ago, I began telling the story of The Larkin Painting Company's early years.  We left off with me and Thiago sitting in my work truck unable to communicate with each other.  I paid him a day's wages and told him as best as I could to come back the next day.  Despite [...]

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Earth Day 2013

Hi Everyone!  It's been a tough week and there are sure to be more challenges ahead for those affected by the bombs at this year's marathon.  While not a cure all, getting outside and appreciating all of the colors brought to us by the new Spring season can help us feel grounded and more secure. [...]

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