I like to think of this  blog space as a place where we explore care of the self through care of our home environment and awareness of life all around us.  We share things that inspire us whether that inspiration is a cool, dark blue, blueberry, a finely appointed kitchen, Van Gogh’s Siesta or a movie.  With this in mind and in honor of Autism Awareness Month, I am sharing with you some movies that I think are inspirational and pretty cool.

First up is Adam.  This movie is about a young man living with Aspberger’s Syndrome and how he negotiates a romantic relationship while living alone for the first time in his life.  It stars Rose Byrne, Hugh Dancy and Peter Gallegher.  Adam is a funny and beautiful movie that gives us a different look at autism.

Next is Loving Lampposts.  This is a wonderful documentary that explores what it means to be autistic.  Often with autism, the concern is with what is “wrong” with the person.  Autism is categorized as a disorder, an illness in a way.  The filmmaker talks about his own son who loves lampposts and is diagnosed as autistic.  Loving Lampposts is an amazing exploration of autism, “normalcy”, and how we regard people who live with autism.  This is definitely a must-see.

The third film is also a documentary.  It’s called Autism: The Musical.  This beautiful and moving film has won several awards including a prime-time Emmy.  The camera follows a group of autistic children as they prepare a live musical performance.  The children are all affected by autism differently.  Some of them are somewhat verbal, some are pre-verbal, while others talk almost constantly.  One child does not really talk, but has one of the most angelic singing voices you have ever heard and is a crack mimic with a sweet sense of humor.  The film explores all of the peaks and valleys of such a venture and explores how autism affects the diagnosed and their families.  You watch the children discover and explore their artistic talents.  This movie usually brings joyful tears at the end.

Last there is Wretches and Jabberers.  I think you will enjoy finding out how the film got its title.  In Wretches and Jabberers, two middle-aged men who have autism go on a world tour in hopes of changing many people’s assumptions that they are not intelligent because they have autism and cannot speak.  Both men spent substantial time mute (they discovered their voices through typing) and one was institutionalized for years.  You can check out the trailer here.  Again, this movie was a joy and an inspiration to watch.

Regardless of whether or not your life has been touched by autism, I think you will enjoy and be inspired by these stories.


Be well and enjoy exploring all that life has to offer,



Doran who lives with autism and his hearts-photo courtesy Angela Shenk