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Happy in Your Home

Humans are soulful beings and those souls need to be tended to regularly.  At The Larkin Painting Company our mission is built upon “Care of the Soul”.  You care for your soul when you care and tend to your home environment.  This can be something as simple as putting new color up on your walls […]

Color in Monet’s House

We have all heard of and maybe you are even lucky enough to have visited Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny.  While the gardens are indeed a splendid work of art, you don’t hear much about the interior of Monet’s house.  That is a shame, because the man used color boldly and creatively in his home. […]

Cherry Hand-Pies

It occurred to me that since I was extolling the virtues of planting fruit trees, I had better share a recipe.  Summer is almost here and there are all kinds of fruit available in stores and of course on fruit trees.  You can try out this recipe for cherry hand-pies found here at Amy Karol’s […]

Color You Can Eat~Pantone Color Inspiration

  I am sure you have heard someone say, “That color looks good enough to eat!”  Maybe you have even said it yourself when looking at a particularly rich color of red or a sweet cotton candy pink.  Well a blogger has been playing around with Pantone colors and her food.  Pantone is a wonderful […]

Kipper Color

  Are you familiar with the children’s show Kipper?  My granddaughter simply loves it.  It’s easy to see why.  Kipper’s world is gentle yet exciting.  Recently while she was watching an episode, I noticed how beautifully the artists use color in this show.  Many children’s shows have wonderful palettes, but Kipper is one of the […]

The Color Green

This week we are talking about the color green.  I couldn’t make it through the entire month of March and not talk about the color green, now could I? Green is one of those colors that people approach very cautiously.  This is understandable as I think we have all had some unfortunate experiences with green […]

Color Clash or Not: Finding Color Inspiration in Nature

I can’t get enough of color.  It brightens my mood, inspires me, calms me and affects my everyday life in beautiful and significant ways.   One of the best ways to enjoy color is to have it on the walls of your home.  Many times people don’t know where to start when choosing paint colors.  Will […]

March is Green

It’s hard to believe March is already here.  I know many of you are looking forward to Spring and all the season offers.  Thoughts are turning to spring cleaning and renewal.  Many people are already looking at ways to have a healthier and “greener” life – choosing  to use fewer chemicals in their homes, using […]

You are Creative

Do you think you are creative?  Chances are you probably don’t.  Somehow, many of us have gotten the message over the years that we aren’t creative beings.  We mistakenly think creativity is a gift only given to artists, writers, designers and folks like that.  I encourage you to think again about your creativity.  You don’t […]