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Help Us Celebrate!

We are in the midst of celebrating fourteen years helping our clients transform their homes into beautiful, nurturing and inspiring places to live and recharge.  The Larkin Painting Company could not have made it to fourteen years in service without you!  To celebrate, we are offering a 5% discount for early bird clients.  When you […]

Happy Summer!

It’s unbelievable!  With the start of summer, 2013 is already halfway over.  It’s a well-worn saying, but it’s true: time does indeed fly.  With that thought in mind, I have two pieces of advice for you.  First, enjoy your summer.  Squeeze whatever vacation, beach, cookout, hiking and relaxing time you can out of the next […]

Fourteen Years! Part Two

A few weeks ago, I began telling the story of The Larkin Painting Company’s early years.  We left off with me and Thiago sitting in my work truck unable to communicate with each other.  I paid him a day’s wages and told him as best as I could to come back the next day.  Despite […]

Earth Day 2013

Hi Everyone!  It’s been a tough week and there are sure to be more challenges ahead for those affected by the bombs at this year’s marathon.  While not a cure all, getting outside and appreciating all of the colors brought to us by the new Spring season can help us feel grounded and more secure. […]

Fourteen Years! Part One

I am excited about this year because 2013 marks The Larkin Painting Company’s fourteenth year in business!  How quickly time has passed.  The journey from there to here has been amazing.  Looking back, I can hardly believe it.  People often ask how I got started, so now is a great time to share with you […]


Have you ever been relieved that mountains of clothes, shoes, or boxes of board games like Monopoly, Clue and Pente cover up your closets’ walls?   Because they are usually hidden behind doors, closets tend to be an afterthought when it comes to painting and refreshing your home.  They may not seem important due to being […]

The Cover of New England Home Magazine!

We are beyond excited over here at The Larking Painting Company.  We made the cover of the   January-February 2013 issue of New England Home!!  Yes, that news required two exclamation points!  Boston-based interior design company, Terrat-Elms, hired us to help them realize their vision for this Back Bay condominium.  It was a fun project because […]

Drawer Dilemmas

Ah, those kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers, what are you to do with them when they start looking dingy, scratched and scuffed?  Drawers can seem to be a such “little” thing.  However, it is “little” things like this that wear you down and alter the good feelings you have (or had) about your home.  How […]

Angie’s List 2012

Happy 2013 everyone!  I hope that your holidays were festive and fun.  I also hope that you had time to rest and fully savor the season.  We are kicking off the new year with enthusiasm and gratitude.  With full hearts, we at The Larkin Painting Company thank you for a wonderful 2012.  Angie’s List presented […]

Get Ready to Celebrate and Hibernate

The Larkin Painting Company recently completed several interior painting projects.  We’re happy the homeowners are so pleased.  Even though these were pretty substantial, we accept projects of varying sizes-large, medium, small, and in between.  We approach one-room projects with the same care as we approach total house repaints.  The size of the project is inconsequential.  […]