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Angie’s List 2012

Happy 2013 everyone!  I hope that your holidays were festive and fun.  I also hope that you had time to rest and fully savor the season.  We are kicking off the new year with enthusiasm and gratitude.  With full hearts, we at The Larkin Painting Company thank you for a wonderful 2012.  Angie’s List presented […]

Get Ready to Celebrate and Hibernate

The Larkin Painting Company recently completed several interior painting projects.  We’re happy the homeowners are so pleased.  Even though these were pretty substantial, we accept projects of varying sizes-large, medium, small, and in between.  We approach one-room projects with the same care as we approach total house repaints.  The size of the project is inconsequential.  […]

Meet Emerson

Here at The Larkin Painting Company we are incredibly proud of our team.  Meet Emerson Ferreira.  Emerson was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He moved to the United States in 1999.  His original plan was to come here to learn English and then return to Brazil to continue his business administration studies.  Impressed by […]

Know Your Painting Contractor

Wow, summertime is almost over.  It’s unbelievable how time flies.  Now that summer is winding down, the kidlets have returned to school and fall is approaching, many of you are thinking of sprucing up the homestead.  How do you go about finding a painting contractor that you can trust?  How do you make the “sprucing […]

Happy in Your Home

Humans are soulful beings and those souls need to be tended to regularly.  At The Larkin Painting Company our mission is built upon “Care of the Soul”.  You care for your soul when you care and tend to your home environment.  This can be something as simple as putting new color up on your walls […]

Words to Live By~July 6, 2012

I thought this was a wonderful and wise qu0te: “The way to know life is to love many things.” ~Van Gogh~ Here’s to truly knowing and exploring life.   Be well, Bill


Today I wanted to share some glorious inspirational blue with you. Morning glories definitely deserve their name.  The blue and yellow glow.  Nature is amazing; what a gift!  Be well, Bill

Words to Live By~June 20, 2012

I am a great lover of words.  I am a great lover of wisdom.  The world presents many demands and pitches us around from time to time.  I enjoy finding just the right words and wisdom that lift the spirits, calm the mind and energize the body.   In this space, I will from time to […]

Color in Monet’s House

We have all heard of and maybe you are even lucky enough to have visited Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny.  While the gardens are indeed a splendid work of art, you don’t hear much about the interior of Monet’s house.  That is a shame, because the man used color boldly and creatively in his home. […]

Plant Your Own Color

At the Larkin Painting Company, we often speak of care of the soul through care of your home and environment.  As a painting company, we help you focus on the environment inside of your home.  However, you know from reading this blog that I find inspiration, beauty and color everywhere.  Color and beauty can be […]