Welcome to Our New Website: Explore All We Have to Offer

Expertly painted living room The Larkin Painting Company is delighted to present to you our newly redesigned website! Our new site reflects the quality of our work, and the approach we take when serving your needs. It is an exciting introduction to the experience you will have working with us. You will find [...]

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Passion is Key – Tasso

Passion - Tasso has his work cut out for him grimy and dingy Looking forward to a brighter bathroom soon Passion is key.  All of our painters have passion for their craft.  It flows so strongly that it gives them energy and motivation to work on their own projects [...]

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Flower Bouquet

It is amazing what a flower bouquet and thoughtfulness can do.  One of our company's strengths and source of great pride is that our painters are a very caring group of people.  Our team has a unique perspective on our customers' daily lives as they share our clients' spaces every day.  They are often present [...]

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Surpass Expectations

It is our goal to surpass expectations.  Recently, we helped a Sudbury client save a unique and cherished piece of furniture.  She was not aware that we could help her as we were initially charged with repainting some areas and repairing water damaged surfaces.  As we were walking through her home noting the color changes [...]

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Joyful Memories

Did you know that a part of our mission is to leave you with joyful and fun memories of our time with you?  You never think about it, but paint is a part of everyone's life at some point.  It can call up certain emotions and memories.  Obviously our job is to make your dreams [...]

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Spirit of My Father

Going to work each day puts me in touch with the spirit of my father.  He passed away about three years ago, and now more than ever, I am aware of the values he lived and taught, even when he didn't say a word.  My father was a provider.  He provided for his family, but [...]

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From Burden to Blessing

I can imagine what it’s like for a customer.  The place you live in needs painting.  You are more than ready for a makeover in a particular room, or perhaps even the whole house.  You dream of new colors and a refreshed look for your home.  You dream of floating from room to room surrounded [...]

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Mixing it Up-Palette and People

Anybody who does professional painting as a business is in the business of mixing colors.  It takes many different kinds of colorants to achieve particular color.  Nature provides us splendorous beauty (especially during the New England autumn), but no such color as “Grandma’s Sweater” or “Alligator Alley”.  The color that you see on your walls [...]

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Party Time-Larkin Painting Style

LPC Family Picnic It's hard to believe that summer is over-perhaps not officially, but vacations are winding down and there is a definite chill in the morning and evening air.  Time is passing so quickly.  We all know it's a good thing to slow down and savor the moment, and we all know [...]

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