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Guaranteed Happiness

No one is guaranteed happiness in this life. There are so many avenues for discontent to seep into our lives and mindsets.  However, I discovered a quote from Douglas Jerrold that can help on this journey through life.  I consider them to be some wise words to live by and wanted to share them with […]

Words to Live By~Limitless Creativity

How do you approach decorating and beautifying your home?  Do you plow through innumerable home decor magazines and Pinterest boards marveling at everyone else’s creativity while bemoaning the lack of your own?  Are you impressed by the way the furniture is arranged ‘just so’ and how the paint color is gutsy yet classy.  Many of […]

Words to Live By~July 6, 2012

I thought this was a wonderful and wise qu0te: “The way to know life is to love many things.” ~Van Gogh~ Here’s to truly knowing and exploring life.   Be well, Bill

Words to Live By~June 20, 2012

I am a great lover of words.  I am a great lover of wisdom.  The world presents many demands and pitches us around from time to time.  I enjoy finding just the right words and wisdom that lift the spirits, calm the mind and energize the body.   In this space, I will from time to […]