water damage

removed baseboard so the area could dry out


water damage

Water damage.  Two words that don’t sound great together.  One of our customers recently dealt with water damage.  Water from another apartment leaked into their home.  If they had left the damage untreated, it could have caused significant health risks, such as mold growth.  Mold spores can linger for years.  They cause sinus congestion, allergic reactions, eyes, nose and throat irritations, as well as asthma.  These mold spores can also lead to a condition called fungal infection, where the spores grow and multiply inside the body.  Another serious concern is black mold or toxic mold.  This can cause a variety of very serious health problems.  Understanding these risks, our team takes great care to repair water damage to baseboards and surfaces-places where mold likes to grow.


To repair the damaged area, we removed the baseboard and punched holes in the wall so that it could dry out completely.  The team then repaired the punched-out areas, primed and repainted the wall.  We also cut new baseboard pieces to replace the ones the water ruined.  After ensuring that the new pieces fit and matched the old, we painted the baseboard sections.  The project called for us to carefully match four different colors.  It was our goal to reconstruct the area so that it looked better than it did before water seeped into the surfaces.  We successfully repaired the water-logged surfaces and our clients are very happy with the dry, clean and healthy result.


wall after water damage repair


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