Ask a person what his or her favorite color is and the answer is usually blue, and with good reason too.  Blue is an aspiring and inspiring color.  It symbolizes hope, confidence.  It can be happy or moody, silly or reserved.   Blue is calming and blue is electric.  We see this certain calm when we look at a painting by Monet.  We see jazzy electricity in a work by Van Gogh.


Photo courtesy Metropolitan Museum

Van Gogh

Photo courtesy

Blue can work in any area of  your home.   Think office, bathroom, study, or even the sun porch.  Blue isn’t just for baby boys anymore, even thought the color still works well in a traditional or modern nursery.  Remember reds and oranges make blue pop, while greens lend a more blended feel to a blue palette.  Check out the cool blues in the Color Cards from California Paints.  You can also find some of my blue inspiration over at Pinterest.  Feel free to repin and share.  Have a great time “thinking blue”!

Photo courtesy Angela Shenk

Photo courtesy Angela Shenk

Be well,

Bill Larkin