Expert color consultation is one of the quality services we provide for our clients.  Recently, we discovered a new color consultation toolkit from Sherwin Williams.  It is an all-in-one box of color that we affectionately call “The Suitcase of Fun” because, after all, choosing colors for your home is fun.  The Suitcase of Fun includes a traditional paint fan deck that displays 1″x 2″ color chips.  20160401_155237With the fan deck, you can easily reference the available colors.  The Suitcase also contains mini-binders that are categorized by color family.   When opened, the binder reveals larger, removable paint chips in each color.  A client may keep the larger chip to experiment with at home, while we keep the smaller section for reference and ordering.

The most popular large chips can be separated and kept in the color folio for easy reference.  Often we have an idea or inspiration that we need to show our clients.  This folio helps us present their choices in a clear and efficient manner.  The color kit also contains a large pamphlet dotted tiny chips making the pamphlet a complete palette.  20160401_155325It displays all of the colors on one surface, allowing our client to see how the colors relate to one another.  The colors are numbered, as there are no names to influence opinions.  How many of us have chosen colors with names like Poodleskirt Pink, Pistachio Mint or Bahama Blue only to find that they really weren’t what we needed for our space?

We are impressed with the kit’s versatility as each of our clients chooses colors differently.  This new, unique system allow clients to choose colors in the way that works for them.  With this new kit, choosing the color that will turn your vision into reality will be easier than ever.  Give us a call.  We will be happy to help you with your color consultation needs.

Be well,