To celebrate snow finally making an appearance in Boston, The Larkin Painting Company is honoring the color white.  Are you thinking, “Wait a moment?  Isn’t Larkin Painting, all about color?”  Yes, we are all about color, expressing your vision for your home, as well as your personality in your color choices.  It may be surprising, but you can do all of that with the color white.

White is a combination of all of the colors of the spectrum, an achromatic color.  However, it is still quite versatile choice for your home.  When you think of white, the idea of wholeness or completion comes to mind.  This color can also symbolize purity or a new start.  Painting your walls white, or some variation of it, can encourage a calm state of mind and mood.  It can prepare the mind to create and imagine without limitation.

bold, fun white stripes

serene color combination

Some customers have chosen warm whites to highlight an art collection or special architectural features of their home.  Others combine white with other colors.  Such combinations create sparkling accent walls and fun pops of personality.  Take a moment and look around your home.  Is there an area that could use some brightness or a contrast?  The Larkin Painting Company provides expert color consultation.  Using the highest quality paints, we are able to create or match over 170 hues of white and off-white.  Give us a call; we are happy to assist you as you choose colors that make your vision for your home a reality.

Be well,