At The Larkin Painting Company, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality paint services for our customers.  We encourage our clients to be creative and explore different ways to make their homes truly theirs.  You can find inspiration anywhere.  Whether there are certain colors that strike your fancy or patterns that pique your interest, the ways in which you can express your personality and interests are limitless.

pattern taped out on floor

pattern taped out on floor

We recently painted a floor for the upscale clothing store Neiman Marcus.   Even though this project was for a commercial client, we provide the same exacting standards and boundless creativity to our clients’ homes.


In the picture below, you can see how the patterned floor works with furniture and really sets off the store’s display space.


This floor certainly makes a bold and confident statement.  Stripes and patterns can work with many different colors and in different settings.  A patterned floor can add style and flair to any home.


If you would like to explore how painted patterns or murals might work in your home, custom project ideas or simply change the  color of your kitchen walls, please call us at (508) 740-6212 or email me at  I provide thorough color consultations and help you explore how you can make your home a true expression of yourself.

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