We often have the pleasure of working with Mast & Falls Interior Design on their clients’ design projects. Recently, we sat down with Sue Falls to discuss the latest trends in custom home design.

Larkin Painting: What is the latest trend in home design?

Sue Falls: Open floor plans are on trend! Accessible floor plans are a wonderful choice for a busy family. This is the number one request from our clients!

Larkin Painting: With open floor plans, how do you accommodate the kitchen and dining areas?

Sue Falls: The kitchen is the focus. With an open floor plan, it continues to be the heart of the home. The change is that the kitchen is now easily accessible from other parts of the home. Morever, with an open floor plan, there is often only one space for dining and that space is “attached” or connected to the kitchen. The fact that many people use their dining area for more than just eating also adds a bit of a challenge.

Larkin Painting: How do you solve that challenge?

Sue Falls: We work with the clients to assess how they used their dining areas in the past, regardless of whether they ate in the kitchen or the dining room (or both) before the renovation. We also determine how they would like to use it in the future. Once we have an idea of their dining area “habits” and their dreams for their future dining space, we design the new table. walnut custom dining table

Larkin Painting: Can you give us an example of this process?

Sue Falls: Certainly. We ask our clients what criteria their dining table should meet? Because the space has been opened up, they must carefully consider what type of dining table best suits their needs. For example, do they need lots of room to accommodate a lot of people or only a small amount of space? Do they like to display their china or special treasures? Was their previous dining area a workhorse for the family?

We encourage our clients to imagine using the dining table and what they want it to look like. Often they want their table to be beautiful. Of course, who wouldn’t want a beautiful dining table? Along with beauty, clients want their table to also look interesting. When we design dining tables, sometimes we combine rustic tabletops with sleek metal bases and legs. This design gives the table unique character.

rustic top with steel base dining table

Walnut top table with steel base

Table size is also an important consideration. Big tables can be the perfect choice for larger spaces or for clients with large families or who host gatherings frequently. Other clients choose expandable tables. An expandable table allows you to decrease the size of the table if you don’t need a lot of space and increase it when you are hosting a large group of people or have a project that requires a lot of room to spread out. Almost every client requests that their dining table also be multi-functional. Dining tables serve as a place to eat meals, but families also use them for homework, office work, as well as art and school projects. We have custom tables made for our clients that meet all of their criteria. Can a custom dining table be all things to all people? We certainly think so and our clients agree!


A bracket holds things together.

If you would like to talk with Sue about open floor plans, custom designed and built dining tables or any design question, contact her at mastandfalls.com. You can also call her at 978-287-0054 or email her at info@mastandfalls.com.

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