Hi Everyone!  It’s been a tough week and there are sure to be more challenges ahead for those affected by the bombs at this year’s marathon.  While not a cure all, getting outside and appreciating all of the colors brought to us by the new Spring season can help us feel grounded and more secure.

Today is Earth Day, and it’s a good time to remember all that the Earth provides for us-starting with life itself.  It is also a good time to find more ways to take care of the Earth and all of its inhabitants.  We have not lost sight of that at The Larkin Painting Company.  We provide green painting services and have access to the newest green paints from Benjamin Moore, California Paints and YOLO Colorhouse to name a few.

We make sure to dispose of leftover paints and stains in compliance with industry and environmental standards.  We are also certified in lead containment.  While we are in your home, we make sure to contain dust and debris as we repair and prepare your surfaces.  If you have any questions about our green services, message us on Facebook, give us a call at 508 740-6212 or email me at bill@larkinpainting.net.

Remember to take care of yourself and each other during this difficult time.


Be well,