Ah, those kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers, what are you to do with them when they start looking dingy, scratched and scuffed?  Drawers can seem to be a such “little” thing.  However, it is “little” things like this that wear you down and alter the good feelings you have (or had) about your home.  How do you deal with drawers?  Do you reface them, buy new, or live with the scratches and dings?  You don’t have to do any of this.  Our crews can help you spiff up your drawers, and thereby how you see your home by repainting them.

Here you see the “before” picture of a set of kitchen drawers.  A kitchen is the heart of your home, and as such takes a lot of wear and tear.  Meals are prepared, heart to heart talks over steaming cups of coffee or tea are shared, homework is reviewed, and a child’s tears are dried in a family’s kitchen.  After several years of caring for and nurturing a family out of this kitchen, the drawers are scratched, dinged, and the paint is peeling and fading.  This project had several kitchen drawers that looked a lot like this.

Kitchen drawers before repainting

As you can see, Larkin Painting crews always put down drop cloths so that your home stays neat and tidy while they repaint.

And here you have the “after”.  You can feel the relaxation as a beautiful kitchen is now even more inviting.  One could make a thousand meals and oversee many evenings of homework in this new kitchen.

Give us a call (508-740-6212) or an email if you have some dingy drawers that need to be renewed or if you have questions about repainting any part of your home.  At The Larkin Painting Company, our mission is to help you care for yourself through the care of your home.

Be well,