Do you want a low-cost way to update your kitchen?  Repaint your kitchen cabinetry!  We receive many requests to paint kitchen cabinetry.  Yes!  It can be done and done well.  We have satisfied many a customer.  Often our customers want to convert their darker stained cabinetry to paint to achieve a more contemporary look.  A lighter paint color can give your space a more open look and airy feel.  It’s a chance to replace the old worn-out handles or knobs for new ones.  We can fill the holes of the old hardware if you wish to have a different style and placement.   Previously painted cabinetry as well as prefinished cabinetry can be converted with a paint update as well.  You have the choice between a sprayed or brushed finish.


Of course, we can refinish or repaint cabinets anywhere in your home. In this project, we repainted cabinets in an office/den.

It’s a straightfoward, but meticulous process.  First, we thoroughly clean all the cabinetry surfaces.  Then we sand, de-gloss, and apply a special bonding primer.  Finally, we apply two or three finish coats to cover depending on the color chosen and the color being covered.  We typically use a water-soluble oil paint as our finishing product.  Once the paint is cured, it is very durable.

The typical cost for re-finishing cabinetry ranges from $3,000 to approximately $7,000.   Not a bad price when you consider that replacing your cabinets can climb upwards from $15,000 to $60,000.   Frequently, our customers will ask us to paint their cabinets in preparation for selling their house.  In some cases, realtors recommend cabinet refinishing, figuring it is money well spent that can be recovered in the sale.  It is true that a more attractive kitchen can help attract prospective homebuyers and increase the chance of a sale.


The finished (or rather refinished) project

Send us some pictures of your cabinets and we can get you a price over the phone.  Simple as that.

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