For three generations, Lee Kimball, an interior design and building concern, has created award-winning designs and built spaces all over the city of Boston, as well as the 128 Corridor. We recently spoke with the firm’s Gregory Johnson about the newest trend in kitchen remodeling, as many of their renovations include kitchens. They find that any kitchen space can be renovated, large or small, and can be designed to the specific needs of the homeowners. Below Gregg shares his thoughts with us on a new kitchen design trend.

LPC: The new trend in kitchen remodeling is transforming kitchens into “superkitchens.” Can you explain what those are?

GJ: Kitchens are commanding more space in the home. Many homeowners who are renovating their kitchens are looking to also open their kitchen to other areas of the home, such as the dining and family rooms. The open floor plan allows the kitchen to be a part of the living area of the home.

LPC: How long does it take to renovate a kitchen?

GJ: If the kitchen is fully designed up front, the renovation can take as little as four weeks and as long as two to three months depending on the amount of renovating and/or additional features that are included.

LPC: Can you tell us something about a recent renovation?

GJ: We recently finished a kitchen renovation in Brookline for a customer we have worked with before. Our design included a new eat-in kitchen that we opened to the living space of the home. We also installed new custom, luxury Poggenpohl cabinets. Our customer also requested built-in Sub Zero and Wolf appliances.

LPC: That certainly sounds like a beautiful superkitchen! Can you describe what your customers can expect during the design process?

GJ: Our design process really consists of three phases.
Phase One is the “In-home Consultation” – This preliminary meeting allows us to listen to our clients, learn more about their homes, and understand their vision for their new space. We always document the current space. This part of the process includes measuring and taking photographs.

Phase Two  is “Conceptual Design and Feasibility” – We present design alternatives for our clients’ consideration. We’ll show them a range of styles, configurations, and features so they can compare and contrast different approaches and budgets. And with our clients’ permission, we may also offer some more expansive ideas for them to consider.

Phase Three is “Design Development”- During this critical phase, we meet to finalize the client’s design decisions, select all features and materials, and determine firm pricing. Meticulous advance planning is what keeps construction on schedule and on budget. As the Production Manager, my favorite part of design process is when it’s completed. Our clients are typically very involved in the design process and they work hand in hand with our design team.

Recently renovated Brookline kitchen

I hope you have enjoyed learning about superkitchens and Lee Kimball’s design process. If you have any questions or would like to transform your Clark Kent kitchen into a superkitchen, contact Lee Kimball at, or call them at 781-838-6100.

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