metallic ceiling

Warm metallic ceiling

Recently, a client decided to use metallic colored paint and bold stripes in the bedrooms of their home. Over the years, we have found that many clients enjoy using bold patterns and unique colors. This approach to home design is a brilliant and singular way for clients to express their personalities. After a color consultation, our clients wanted to paint the master bedroom with two colors. They chose warm colors of different hues and intensity. The walls are lighter while the ceiling is darker.

Often when we think of metallics, we think of cool colors. However, metallics can also be warm; think of the color of a copper pot and the silvery color our clients chose for their ceiling. We used a modern silver paint color that is metallic yet cozy. The design gives warmth and depth to the bedroom, while the color combination creates a relaxing and intimate atmosphere. The look is updated and modern. The layers of warm, silvery metallic color on the master bedroom ceiling create a luxurious feeling in the room.

Our clients’ bold design choices continued throughout the rest of the house. The ceilings received special attention. In the daughter’s bedroom, we painted stripes on the ceilings. We have created striped designs on a floor in another project with stunning results. Masking the stripes on the ceiling in this project was also a tricky and delicate process. The final look is crisp and clean and just what our clients wanted.

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