All the stripes are painted! We recently had the pleasure of working with Sue Feinberg, interior designer and owner of A Better Way Redesign. She created a bold and playful design for a young girl’s room. We enjoy partnering with this firm and always look forward to working on their design projects. They create elegant and striking concepts for their clients’ homes. They aren’t afraid to take risks, and they provide their clients with exceptional and unique results.

painting by The Larkin Painting Company

Bold walls designed by A Better Way Redesign

A Better Way Redesign’s projects are always interesting. We enjoy using different painting techniques and meeting any challenge the project’s design can deliver. You can see the bold combination of black and white stripes for the ceiling and a strong pink for the walls. The result is electrifying. It is the perfect design for a little girl.

As for the adults’ bedroom, A Better Way Redesign chose to use three types of wall treatment and two types of paint in its design approach. Following the design plan, we painted a warm, metallic silver color on the ceiling. and a warm gray paint for some of the wall surface. A design element that we love is the clever use of the striking wallpaper pattern. We installed a shimmery and sophisticated wallpaper on the accent wall that creates depth and ties all of the design elements together. The result is a bedroom that is relaxed yet sophisticated, elegant but comfortable.


Wallpaper installed by The Larkin Painting Company

Shimmery ceiling, wallpaper accent

Both bedrooms at unique and reflect the personality of the clients. They were excited about the exceptional results. We were happy to see the unique design and the smiles on our clients’ faces. It was a great experience working with A Better Way Redesign. Give them a call at 508.414.3468 if you are thinking about redesigning your space. If you have a painting project in mind, need walls repaired or have other surface needs, give us a call at 508.740.6212, email us at or click here.

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