Project Description

More and more, our customers request high-gloss finishes or sheens for their projects. In the past, it would be highly unusual for a customer to request a high-gloss finish for their cabinetry or countertops. Most people preferred semi-gloss or it’s even softer counterpart, satin finish. Semi-gloss finishes have a touch of shine, while satin finishes look practically matte. Many of our clients are preferring a more bold and glossy look. High-gloss finishes are shinier than semi-gloss, reflect a lot of light and bring a certain brightness to the space.

We use different products for different types of surfaces. We apply clear, glossy top coats or varnishes on stained woodwork and wooden countertops. For wood trim and cabinetry, we apply high-gloss paints, although if a client choses, we can use the high-gloss varnish for stained wood trimwork. Our team prefers to use Old Masters varnishes as they are highly durable and produce an extraordinary sheen. If you are considering using high-gloss finishes in your home, but aren’t sure if they are the right choice for you, give us a call at 508 740-6212 or click here to get started. We will listen to your ideas, concerns, answer any question and help you choose the appropriate look and finish that expresses your vision for your home.