Communication is Key

Have you ever thought about scheduling a project while you were away from home, but didn’t dare because the process seemed too complicated and risky?  When you work with Larkin Painting, the process is neither complicated nor risky.  Our team performs a lot of our work when clients are away on family vacations or business trips.  I am sure you are asking how this can work.  Don’t we need to communicate closely with our clients while we work in their homes?  What happens if there are complications?  We have two excellent tools that allow us to complete projects smoothly whether our clients are in their homes with us in Massachusetts or relaxing at a cafe in France: detailed planning and communication.


We attended to many details on this project and communicated with our “away” clients every day.

When the clients away

We even moved artwork around-per our clients’ request, of course.

If our clients will not be in their home during the project, we walk through the space with them before we even pick up the first sanding tool.  Our walk-throughs allow us to decide on colors and paint sheen.  We are able to attend to countless other details that inevitably come up, such as what to do with window treatments and picture holes.  We also plan the best way to contact our clients while they are away as small questions always come up.  Often, we arrange emails between crew leaders and our clients.  Some clients prefer phone calls to emails, but when there is a time difference, others prefer communicating via email or even text.

To keep our clients up to date on the work we are doing in their homes, we talk with them daily about our progress.  Our openness keeps their minds at ease.  Even if a client thinks of a detail while she is away and we have begun to work, our daily communication allows us to address those details.  Our clients know that we have things well in hand, that we will be sure to ask them questions and that we will let them know if any complications arise.   We also enjoy sending “during” pictures to our clients.  Not only do they get a sneak peek at how colors look, but they also get to see that we are working neatly and protecting their surfaces.  It allows them peace of mind.

We recently completed a job for a couple that who chose to stay at their second home while we worked.  This was one of the most detail-oriented jobs we have had, and it all took place with no one home, start to finish.   We ensured that the new paint colors matched their existing colors.  The team had to use various products and different paint sheens within the same space.  Our clients even asked us to move their artwork and hang it differently.   When they returned, the project was finished; their home was clean and organized.  We labeled the leftover paint cans and stored them carefully.  Every little thing was put back in its original place-just how they left it.  The most rewarding part of this project was knowing that they our clients enjoyed their time away, didn’t spend one moment worrying about their project, and loved the result.

when the client is away

We worked on this home from start to finish while our clients were away.

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