Welcome to Our New Website: Explore All We Have to Offer

Expertly painted living room The Larkin Painting Company is delighted to present to you our newly redesigned website! Our new site reflects the quality of our work, and the approach we take when serving your needs. It is an exciting introduction to the experience you will have working with us. You will find [...]

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Faux Suede Technique

Have you ever wanted to try the faux suede technique for your walls? Many people use faux painting technique to express their personality or to enhance a theme of their home, or the particular room in their home. This decorative technique has been used and treasured since antiquity. One of the most famous faux painting [...]

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Wet Work First-Jamaica Plain Project Reveal

It's Reveal Day! We have been working on a home in Jamaica Plain. Often when we take on a project, we focus on one room at a time applying the "wet materials" such as joint compound and other products that require drying time before we apply the paint. However on this project, we were able [...]

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Subtle Contrast

Recently the Larkin Painting Company transformed the look of a spectacular hallway in a Beacon Hill home.  Beautifully textured wall coverings adorned the hallway walls.  We wanted to make sure that the coverings were showcased.  We helped our client choose a neutral color palette that complimented this unique design element perfectly.  Quite often we use [...]

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Cabinet Conversion

Doors Cabinet conversion is one of the best ways to update your kitchen.  We found ourselves back at Millennium Place in downtown Boston recently.  Our client had a beautiful kitchen, but wanted an update. Preparing the space The cabinets were too darkly stained for the luxurious, bright look the homeowner envisioned. [...]

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Feel the Gloss: Choosing the Correct Paint Sheen Part Two

What are the benefits of choosing a gloss sheen paint for your project?  This is an important question to explore as choosing the wrong finish can make housekeeping more difficult and ruin the look of a space.  Glossy paint sheens or finishes vary from pearl, semi to high gloss.  Let's look at the pearl finish [...]

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Sheen: The Importance of Being Accurate

Picking the right paint sheen or finish for your project is critical.  Most people enjoy picking the actual color of the paint; that is the flashy, fun part.  However, there is a technical and equally important aspect to paint.  When choosing your paint, you must also be mindful of its sheen.  There are several "levels" [...]

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Painting in Millennium Tower

We are painting in Millennium Tower!  For the past several months, we have had the pleasure of painting in Boston’s newest and most exclusive, high-rise condominiums.  Located near Downtown Crossing and the Financial District, Millennium Tower is Boston’s tallest residential building.  We are honored and excited to work on this landmark project.  At six hundred [...]

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Best Practices: Sprinklers and Sheetrock Repair

We often come to a job after an emergency repair has been made.  Marlon worked in a similar situation at the Ritz-Carlton Millennium residences.  The maintenance staff had to quickly fix a ceiling leak.  In order to do so, they cut the ceiling sheetrock along its seam, leaving a small hole. The sprinkler is [...]

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Flower Bouquet

It is amazing what a flower bouquet and thoughtfulness can do.  One of our company's strengths and source of great pride is that our painters are a very caring group of people.  Our team has a unique perspective on our customers' daily lives as they share our clients' spaces every day.  They are often present [...]

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