Animal Me, Animal You

Mary Oliver is a soul friend of mine. She is a poet and she connects me with the natural world and the powerful bond among all living things. She finds soul in plants, animals and even in stones and dirt. One of her books of poetry is entitled God of Dirt. For Mary, the natural [...]

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The Spirit of Hospitality

Nothing is more nourishing for soul than hospitality. The friendly, generous reception of a visitor or stranger can bring an energy and presence that lives forever. No one has been more of an example of hospitality than my wife's aunt, Margaret Thurmond. Aunt Margaret adopted me as her nephew the very second I crossed the [...]

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May Soul Guide Your Work

Soul guides our work.  At Larkin Painting, we talk about how taking care of your environment supports care of soul.  But soul also supports and guides us in our daily lives and in the work that we do.  We are craftspeople.  We delight in transforming homes, in bringing out the character and unique qualities of [...]

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Flower Bouquet

It is amazing what a flower bouquet and thoughtfulness can do.  One of our company's strengths and source of great pride is that our painters are a very caring group of people.  Our team has a unique perspective on our customers' daily lives as they share our clients' spaces every day.  They are often present [...]

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Office Happy

Our office pup has a nice napping spot. We recently took time to take care of our office, to create some "office happy".  At Larkin Painting, our mission is to help clients care for their homes, creating a space of happiness, calm and contentment.  It was beyond time for us to give our [...]

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House Karma

House Karma-have you heard of it?  Recently, we spent over two weeks repairing and repainting water damaged surfaces in an enormous, beautiful, old building in Chestnut Hill.  One afternoon, Christine spent some time talking about the building's challenges with the owner.  The building, which is also the home of the owner's yoga retreat, has three [...]

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Good Morning

Eight o’clock on any given morning, typically finds the Larkin Painting team in someone’s home.  It is early in the day yet, a time of new beginnings and new adventures out in the world.  It is a precious moment.  The first thing we like to say to each customer as we meet them in this [...]

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They say that we become two kinds of people as we age.  We can become grumpy and resentful, or filled with gratitude.  It’s not just about aging.  Life gives us all sorts opportunities to be resentful of everything, whereas gratitude seems to be a practice that we have to work at a bit harder.    It's [...]

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