Subtle Contrast

Recently the Larkin Painting Company transformed the look of a spectacular hallway in a Beacon Hill home.  Beautifully textured wall coverings adorned the hallway walls.  We wanted to make sure that the coverings were showcased.  We helped our client choose a neutral color palette that complimented this unique design element perfectly.  Quite often we use [...]

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Color Harmony: The Ping Pong Edition

  We recently helped our clients use color harmony to transform their neutral-hued basement into a colorful 'arena' and gathering place.  The family are great fans of ping pong tournaments played between father and son.  Unfortunately, the ping pong balls would get lost in play.  The cream-colored walls perfectly camouflaged the balls as they sailed [...]

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Box of Color: Color Consultation

Expert color consultation is one of the quality services we provide for our clients.  Recently, we discovered a new color consultation toolkit from Sherwin Williams.  It is an all-in-one box of color that we affectionately call "The Suitcase of Fun" because, after all, choosing colors for your home is fun.  The Suitcase of Fun includes [...]

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The Edited Palette of Farrow & Ball

Have you explored colors using an edited palette?  A few weeks ago, I attended a beautiful paint and wallcovering event hosted by Farrow & Ball, craftsmen in paint and paper.  We use their luxurious products and wanted to learn about their new offerings.  Farrow & Ball, an English company, have some higher price points than [...]

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White-A Versatile Color

To celebrate snow finally making an appearance in Boston, The Larkin Painting Company is honoring the color white.  Are you thinking, "Wait a moment?  Isn't Larkin Painting, all about color?"  Yes, we are all about color, expressing your vision for your home, as well as your personality in your color choices.  It may be surprising, [...]

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Life in Color

Do you love color?  We, at Larkin Painting Company, love color because we know human beings are born to see life in color; our eyes, brains, and emotional receptivity are made for it.  From as early as two to three months old, babies are able to perceive color.  Emotion is color's companion.  Sixty-two to ninety [...]

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The Poetry of Orange

The poetry of orange.  The colors are all ablaze.  This is Fall.  We are lucky to live here in New England where this season gives us the gift of inspiring and intensely deep colors.  Yellow, red, pale greens, crisp browns-these are popular autumnal colors, but do you ever think of the poetry of orange? Orange [...]

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Blue-Color and Mood

At The Larkin Painting Company, we believe your environment affects your well-being, your approach and outlook on the world, your sense of self, your Soul.  Because our environments fundamentally affect who we are, we find the study of color and mood is fascinating.  Simple changes to your home's palette can make all the difference between [...]

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Mixing it Up-Palette and People

Anybody who does professional painting as a business is in the business of mixing colors.  It takes many different kinds of colorants to achieve particular color.  Nature provides us splendorous beauty (especially during the New England autumn), but no such color as “Grandma’s Sweater” or “Alligator Alley”.  The color that you see on your walls [...]

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Needham Condo on

  Needham Condo Bedroom I hope everyone is set to have a glorious Columbus Day weekend! A condominium that we painted is being featured on and we are very excited!  The Needham home pops with color and wonderful brilliantly hued details; we had a blast painting it.  Click here to check it [...]

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