Expert Spray Technique

When I apply paint to a surface, I use one of two methods: applying paint with a paint brush or applying paint with a professional-grade sprayer. In the past and perhaps even today, many people think that applying paint with a sprayer as a short-cut or a lazy way to paint a surface. In reality, [...]

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Metallics and Stripes: Painting Techniques

Warm metallic ceiling Recently, a client decided to use metallic colored paint and bold stripes in the bedrooms of their home. Over the years, we have found that many clients enjoy using bold patterns and unique colors. This approach to home design is a brilliant and singular way for clients to express their personalities. After a [...]

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An Experience by Hand

The Larkin Painting Experience is an experience by hand.  We mix luxurious paints by hand.  We cut sharp paint lines by hand.  With our hands, we go over every surface in your home that you asked us to paint. mural drawn and stenciled by hand We use our hands to ensure that your [...]

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