Spirit of My Father

Going to work each day puts me in touch with the spirit of my father.  He passed away about three years ago, and now more than ever, I am aware of the values he lived and taught, even when he didn't say a word.  My father was a provider.  He provided for his family, but [...]

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An Experience by Hand

The Larkin Painting Experience is an experience by hand.  We mix luxurious paints by hand.  We cut sharp paint lines by hand.  With our hands, we go over every surface in your home that you asked us to paint. mural drawn and stenciled by hand We use our hands to ensure that your [...]

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The Poetry of Orange

The poetry of orange.  The colors are all ablaze.  This is Fall.  We are lucky to live here in New England where this season gives us the gift of inspiring and intensely deep colors.  Yellow, red, pale greens, crisp browns-these are popular autumnal colors, but do you ever think of the poetry of orange? Orange [...]

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Blue-Color and Mood

At The Larkin Painting Company, we believe your environment affects your well-being, your approach and outlook on the world, your sense of self, your Soul.  Because our environments fundamentally affect who we are, we find the study of color and mood is fascinating.  Simple changes to your home's palette can make all the difference between [...]

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From Burden to Blessing

I can imagine what it’s like for a customer.  The place you live in needs painting.  You are more than ready for a makeover in a particular room, or perhaps even the whole house.  You dream of new colors and a refreshed look for your home.  You dream of floating from room to room surrounded [...]

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Mixing it Up-Palette and People

Anybody who does professional painting as a business is in the business of mixing colors.  It takes many different kinds of colorants to achieve particular color.  Nature provides us splendorous beauty (especially during the New England autumn), but no such color as “Grandma’s Sweater” or “Alligator Alley”.  The color that you see on your walls [...]

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The Larkin Painting Experience

What is the Larkin Painting experience?  For sure it is a high-quality, excellent paint job, but it is more!  It is the listening, caring, and service that underpins our work-answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and fulfilling your unique vision of excellence.  The people of Larkin Painting embody the values of servant leadership.  We understand [...]

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Time to Try Something New-Neiman Marcus Project

At The Larkin Painting Company, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality paint services for our customers.  We encourage our clients to be creative and explore different ways to make their homes truly theirs.  You can find inspiration anywhere.  Whether there are certain colors that strike your fancy or patterns that pique your interest, the ways [...]

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