Achieving the Perfect Spray Application

When I apply paint to a surface, I use one of two methods: applying paint with a paint brush or applying paint with a professional-grade sprayer. In the past and perhaps even today, many people think that applying paint with a sprayer as a short-cut or a lazy way to paint a surface. In reality, [...]

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Big Project, Short Deadline

Intricate paintwork on built-in cabinetry Recently we had the opportunity to work on a project with a deadline as short as the project was big.  We began the one-week job early one Friday morning at the Ritz Millennium Residences.  On that first day, we realized we would need more than the three team [...]

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Drawer Dilemmas

Ah, those kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers, what are you to do with them when they start looking dingy, scratched and scuffed?  Drawers can seem to be a such "little" thing.  However, it is "little" things like this that wear you down and alter the good feelings you have (or had) about your home.  How [...]

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