Transform Your Wood Finishes!

Do you think it would be impossible to transform the look of your dark-stained trim? Do you worry that the results won't last or that the dark stain will bleed through the new, lighter finish? Those are not unreasonable concerns. When you first look at a dark finish, change seems unimaginable. It feels like you [...]

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Refresh Your Home in 2018 With Defining Colors

The new year has arrived. Grab your favorite beverage and explore six colors that will take this year's home décor by storm. Last year was all about gray and other neutral paint colors. Based on customer feedback and current design trends, we think vibrant red, black, dusty rose, metallics, purple and blue will define 2018. [...]

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Welcome to Our New Website: Explore All We Have to Offer

Expertly painted living room The Larkin Painting Company is delighted to present to you our newly redesigned website! Our new site reflects the quality of our work, and the approach we take when serving your needs. It is an exciting introduction to the experience you will have working with us. You will find [...]

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When the Client is Away

Communication is Key Have you ever thought about scheduling a project while you were away from home, but didn't dare because the process seemed too complicated and risky?  When you work with Larkin Painting, the process is neither complicated nor risky.  Our team performs a lot of our work when clients are away on family [...]

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Quality is all in the details.  A recent exterior project featured an exquisitely detailed, antique, hand-carved scrollwork.  This piece demanded extreme care, a steady hand, and a delicate touch.  Such old, handmade features of homes are treasures, and we do our part to preserve this special part of New England's architectural history and charm. [...]

Big Project, Short Deadline

Intricate paintwork on built-in cabinetry Recently we had the opportunity to work on a project with a deadline as short as the project was big.  We began the one-week job early one Friday morning at the Ritz Millennium Residences.  On that first day, we realized we would need more than the three team [...]

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Box of Color: Color Consultation

Expert color consultation is one of the quality services we provide for our clients.  Recently, we discovered a new color consultation toolkit from Sherwin Williams.  It is an all-in-one box of color that we affectionately call "The Suitcase of Fun" because, after all, choosing colors for your home is fun.  The Suitcase of Fun includes [...]

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Office Happy

Our office pup has a nice napping spot. We recently took time to take care of our office, to create some "office happy".  At Larkin Painting, our mission is to help clients care for their homes, creating a space of happiness, calm and contentment.  It was beyond time for us to give our [...]

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The Chimney Project

As the brightness of Spring approaches peeling off the duller days of Winter, we start to notice areas of our homes that present recurring challenges and need special care and attention.  For one client, his chimney had presented an unpleasant, annual challenge.  It became The Chimney Project.  Despite the homeowner's diligence, effort and expense, the [...]

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House Karma

House Karma-have you heard of it?  Recently, we spent over two weeks repairing and repainting water damaged surfaces in an enormous, beautiful, old building in Chestnut Hill.  One afternoon, Christine spent some time talking about the building's challenges with the owner.  The building, which is also the home of the owner's yoga retreat, has three [...]

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