Fun with Glass or Color Consultations

Have you seen the glorious new Handcrafter Palette series made by YOLO Colorhouse?  I think my favorites are  Wool and Glass.  However, any of the colors in the Handcrafter Palette can make a home feel cozier, brighter and more inspired.   When faced with painting your home, the thousands of color choices can be overwhelming.  I [...]

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Earth Day 2013

Hi Everyone!  It's been a tough week and there are sure to be more challenges ahead for those affected by the bombs at this year's marathon.  While not a cure all, getting outside and appreciating all of the colors brought to us by the new Spring season can help us feel grounded and more secure. [...]

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Green Paint – No, Not the Color This Time

Photo courtesy Angela Shenk It used to be when I mentioned green paint, folks' minds would immediately turn to the color green.  Sometimes even their faces would turn slightly green at the thought of  that 1970's avocado shade of green.  But that is a subject for another post.  Today we are exploring green [...]

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