The next great conversation piece is in your bathroom. The new trend is to explore bold and unique wallpaper and wallcovering patterns on bathroom walls. Any bathroom wall is the perfect canvas; kids’, master, guest and powder rooms are the perfect spaces for unique pattern designs that might feel overwhelming in your living room or bedroom.

Stunning wallpaper that makes a statement in a guest powder room.

Forget the stodgy, asbestos-laden wallcoverings of the past! Today, designers and manufacturers offer a bevy of fashionable patterns and styles. Manufacturers print patterns onto wallcoverings using various techniques such as silk screen (flat-bed), digital, surface, and gravure printing. The gravure technique produces high-detailed and fine images. Digital printing uses cured inks and are used for custom wallpaper creations. Surface printed wallcoverings can look like they were hand-painted. Silk screen technique often uses nylon instead of silk and produces papers with unmatched depth of color.

We recently installed chic wallcoverings created by manufacturers from all over the world in several homes. Some of the patterns are incredibly unique. The designs evince a fine art quality with complicated and repeated patterns, abstract composition and elevated styles and colors. Even wallpapers targeted to nurseries and children’s spaces have evolved beyond the puffing toy trains and red-bowed teddy bears of the past. Today’s wallcoverings, capture the imagination. They exude a certain timelessness which allows the client to enjoy the wallcovering for many years to come.

Unique, but not “precious” wallpaper for a child’s bathroom.


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