Have you explored colors using an edited palette?  A few weeks ago, I attended a beautiful paint and wallcovering event hosted by Farrow & Ball, craftsmen in paint and paper.  We use their luxurious products and wanted to learn about their new offerings.  Farrow & Ball, an English company, have some higher price points than other companies, but create unique paint and wallcoverings of distinguished high quality.  The company is well-known and admired for their color collections as they offer rich and keenly edited palette of colors.  Many of our customers find they prefer selecting their colors from an edited palette as a very large palette of colors can be overwhelming to them.   Sometimes very subtle differences between blues, greens or any color can get confusing when the options are so close that one can barely tell which is lighter, darker, or more saturated.  The craftspeople at Farrow & Ball have experimented with countless color options.  Their team of colorists and designers have edited their selections down to the colors that are the most versatile and beautiful.

Another unique quality of the Farrow & Ball palette is “metamarism”.  This is a color’s ability to look the same in different lighting.   For example, if a room gets a lot of natural light in the morning, a Farrow & Ball paint color will still look like the same color at night when you turn on your artificial lights.  Other companies, whose paint does not have this quality, tend to promote how their colors look different in different lighting.  It’s a matter of personal preference.   Whatever paint you choose, when it comes to the high-quality products available to Larkin Painting Company and subsequently to our clients, it is wonderful to have such an array of qualities to consider in each product.  The designers we partner with enjoy working with Farrow & Ball’s edited palette when coordinating paint colors with their clients’ rooms.  We invite you to explore what Farrow & Ball has to offer and to see if their beautiful edited palette is for you.



Be well,