The Larkin Painting Company recently completed several interior painting projects.  We’re happy the homeowners are so pleased.  Even though these were pretty substantial, we accept projects of varying sizes-large, medium, small, and in between.  We approach one-room projects with the same care as we approach total house repaints.  The size of the project is inconsequential.  Our goal is to help you create a wonderful environment for yourself and your family.

Take a look at some of our recent work.  We painted all of the walls, ceilings, details, trim and built-ins.

Over the years, your walls may have developed cracks.  Little people have somehow cemented their hand-prints (made of some unknown substance) onto your walls.  Your trim looks tired and your built-ins seem bruised.  The paint looks dingy and out of date.  All of this can make you feel kind of low when you walk into that room.  The holidays are coming as is the cold weather and we will all be spending a bit more time inside our homes with friends and family.  Somehow when you start preparing for the holidays, you notice these flaws even more.

Amazingly, Thanksgiving is about one week away.  Take the time now before the holiday rush to call us so we can help you get your walls in fine shape for the coming months of celebrating and cozying up against the cold and snow.  If you like, you can also choose to book your project after the holidays to give your home a fresh new look for 2013!  So give us a call if you are looking at your walls and they aren’t “smiling” back at you.  We can be reached at (508) 740-6212, via email at or on Facebook.


Be well,