During the year, we all try to make sure we take time to recognize and appreciate the special people in our lives.  Sometimes we remember and sometimes we don’t.  After all, we are only human.  As cliche as it might seem, the holidays are the perfect time to pause and tell others how much we appreciate them and value their presence in our lives.

The Larkin Painting Company team is fortunate to collaborate with some amazing local vendors.  All of us on the Larkin Team (with special help from Christine) could not let this time go by without expressing our appreciation to our wonderful friends and collaborators: Eric, Mike, Justin, Josh and many others at Johnson’s who mix colors and advise us on the appropriate product to use.  Vick, Dan & Matt at Babel’s and Ted & Brian at Sherwin Williams who are always on the lookout for us when it comes to paint, painters and jobs.

treat baskets for our friends

treat baskets for our friends

The people who work at Babel’s, Sherwin Williams on Speen Street, and Johnson’s in Boston are pretty incredible.  These friends and countless others make it possible for us to bring luxurious paints and wall-coverings to you.   And while we are celebrating, we at Larkin Painting want you to know how grateful we are for you.  We couldn’t be who we are without you!  Happy Holidays!


Be well,