It is amazing what a flower bouquet and thoughtfulness can do.  One of our company’s strengths and source of great pride is that our painters are a very caring group of people.  Our team has a unique perspective on our customers’ daily lives as they share our clients’ spaces every day.  They are often present for the household’s morning routine-breakfast and scuttling kids off to school and parents off to work.  The team is often still working when the kids return from school, run back out to lacrosse or hockey practice and back home as the evening winds down and dinner is started.  Our painters try to make the painting process as simple as possible and minimize disruptions to our customers’ routines whenever they can.


Our team enjoyed prepping and painting this room and the built-in cabinetry.

Currently, we are repainting many rooms in a home bustling with extensive renovations.  These involved renovations are unfortunately disrupting the family’s routine.  The homeowner has been trying to maintain her daily life amidst the changes and keep up with us as we our progress from room to room.  Each time we finish painting a room, she has to cope with the family’s belongings moving to yet another room so that our team has space to work.  The entire process has put a strain on her already full and busy life.


Our team thought she could use some cheering up so the crew leader bought a bouquet of flowers for her.  Even though the painters were quite busy prepping trim and patching walls, they were also aware of how the disruptions affected the homeowner.   She was surprised and happy that they were thinking of her.  She never expected such a gesture from the Larkin Painting crew.  Paying attention to others’ needs is part of who we are and we do.  We are quite proud to have such a thoughtful group of individuals on our team.


The flower bouquet that brightened our client’s day.


Be well,