Did you know that a part of our mission is to leave you with joyful and fun memories of our time with you?  You never think about it, but paint is a part of everyone’s life at some point.  It can call up certain emotions and memories.  Obviously our job is to make your dreams for your home a reality and create a stunning space for you.  But that is not all.  We want you to have sunny memories whenever you think of us.  Our office manager, Donna, told us about  a paint memory that was perfectly horrible when it happened, but has become funny now – decades later.   Donna’s particular paint memory involves her mother, her Nana, paint and a fur coat.

Donna’s Nana lived in a charming farmhouse with an old-fashioned parlor.  The parlor had two large white columns.  This is where the mischief happened.  The story goes that Donna’s grandmother told her mom to clean the house.  Donna’s Nana and aunt then set out to Boston for their big shopping trip.  According to Donna’s mother, Nana was a stickler for having every part of her home look clean, shiny and new.  Her mom cleaned, but when it came to the parlor, those old columns did not seem to meet Nana’s standards.  Confronted with this problem, Donna’s mom figured paint would definitely fix it.  She went out to the garage, found a can of exterior paint and proceeded to repaint the columns.  When she was done, the columns and trim looked quite nice and clean.

Donna’s mom must have fallen asleep because the next thing she remembered was her mother screaming her name.  She ran down the stairs into the parlor to find Donna’s grandmother seething and her aunt in tears holding a fur coat with a big white stripe down the middle of it.  Her aunt had leaned up against the bright white columns and painted a nice skunk stripe on her coat for her trouble.

It’s a funny story now, but it wasn’t so funny when it happened.  At Larkin Painting, our job is to put paint where it belongs, of course, but we will also leave you with wonderful memories from the moment you call our office to the moment we pack up our tools on the last day.  You won’t have to wait decades for your paint memories of us to be joyful, full of laughter and bright.


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