Passion – Tasso has his work cut out for him


grimy and dingy


Looking forward to a brighter bathroom soon

Passion is key.  All of our painters have passion for their craft.  It flows so strongly that it gives them energy and motivation to work on their own projects even after working all week in our clients’ homes.  For the last two weeks, Tasso has been toiling away on a project every night after work.  He is converting an incomplete, almost fifty year-old basement bathroom into a new fresh, comfortable space.   First, Tasso put up new walls and primed the area.  Soon he will install new, clean, shiny tiles.  In not time at all, this old, rarely-used basement bathroom will be transformed into a beautiful and bright space.

Why after working every day on involved and sometimes challenging projects, does he dive head-first into another challenge?  Passion.  Passion for projects,  hard work, creativity, and simply improving his life and surroundings.  Tasso works hard to transform our clients’ dreams for their homes into beautiful reality.  His passion for his craft, instead of draining him, inspires him to transform the dreams his has for his own space into reality.  It gives him the energy and motivation to turn a dingy basement bathroom into a comfortable space, a space to be enjoyed instead of avoided.


Not nearly finished yet, but so much better already

Be well,