It is our goal to surpass expectations.  Recently, we helped a Sudbury client save a unique and cherished piece of furniture.  She was not aware that we could help her as we were initially charged with repainting some areas and repairing water damaged surfaces.  As we were walking through her home noting the color changes she wanted, as well as the extent of the water damage, she commented on a piece of furniture in her powder room.IMG_1099  Despite its age and her special love for it, she told us she was considering getting rid of the piece.  The top had begun to peel due to water splashing onto it.  The clear top coat was flaking off all around the sink, and the exposed wood was discoloring.  The furniture had aged beautifully, but the water damage was unsightly and getting worse quickly.
Using one of our Festool Sanding systems, we removed the damaged top coat and the top layer of stain.  The Festool is an innovative sanding tool that simultaneously vacuums debris and dust.  With this tool, Armend, a Larkin Painting team member, sanded the peeling top without blowing and spreading dust.  He expertly matched the existing stain color, re-stained the top surface until the color reached the proper richness and then applied an oil-based polyurethane top coat.  Although this piece was important to our customer, cost was a factor.  Armend was able to strategically approach this project to keep costs low but quality high.  It looked great and still has its aged character.  We came to this project prepared to only repair and repaint surfaces, but ended up with an additional, surprise project.  Our client was thrilled to keep her beautiful and unique piece of furniture, and we were thrilled to surpass her expectations by unexpectedly saving her treasure.



Be well,