Animal Me, Animal You

Mary Oliver is a soul friend of mine. She is a poet and she connects me with the natural world and the powerful bond among all living things. She finds soul in plants, animals and even in stones and dirt. One of her books of poetry is entitled God of Dirt. For Mary, the natural [...]

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The Spirit of Hospitality

Nothing is more nourishing for soul than hospitality. The friendly, generous reception of a visitor or stranger can bring an energy and presence that lives forever. No one has been more of an example of hospitality than my wife's aunt, Margaret Thurmond. Aunt Margaret adopted me as her nephew the very second I crossed the [...]

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Office Happy

Our office pup has a nice napping spot. We recently took time to take care of our office, to create some "office happy".  At Larkin Painting, our mission is to help clients care for their homes, creating a space of happiness, calm and contentment.  It was beyond time for us to give our [...]

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Good Morning

Eight o’clock on any given morning, typically finds the Larkin Painting team in someone’s home.  It is early in the day yet, a time of new beginnings and new adventures out in the world.  It is a precious moment.  The first thing we like to say to each customer as we meet them in this [...]

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Simplifying and Slowing Down the Holidays

Is it me or do the days between November 1st and January 1st of the new year speed by at fifty times the speed of "normal" time?  After Thanksgiving it seems like things ramped up rather quickly.  I enjoy the holiday season and taking part of my family and friends' beautiful Chanukah and Christmas celebrations.  [...]

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Thinking of Boston

Boston, a shiny, beautiful day like any other.  A shiny, beautiful day ripped apart by more violence.  We are grateful that our loved ones are safe and sound.  We fervently hope the same is true for you and yours.  We are thinking of family, friends, colleagues and strangers affected by violence-yet again.  Our hearts and [...]

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Taking Care of Each Other

There are absolutely no words to describe the sadness we all feel.  The tragedy in Newtown is unfathomable.  I still have not been able to get my head around it.  Of course all of our hearts are breaking.  I wanted to check in on our little community to share some information and resources to help [...]

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Guaranteed Happiness

No one is guaranteed happiness in this life. There are so many avenues for discontent to seep into our lives and mindsets.  However, I discovered a quote from Douglas Jerrold that can help on this journey through life.  I consider them to be some wise words to live by and wanted to share them with [...]

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Happy in Your Home

photo courtesy Angela Shenk Humans are soulful beings and those souls need to be tended to regularly.  At The Larkin Painting Company our mission is built upon "Care of the Soul".  You care for your soul when you care and tend to your home environment.  This can be something as simple as putting [...]

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