House Karma-have you heard of it?  Recently, we spent over two weeks repairing and repainting water damaged surfaces in an enormous, beautiful, old building in Chestnut Hill.  One afternoon, Christine spent some time talking about the building’s challenges with the owner.  The building, which is also the home of the owner’s yoga retreat, has three floors and countless, meandering rooms.  The main floors are bedecked with ornately carved wood and plaster.  Many of the materials that were used in the original construction of the home are no longer used, and the methods used to meticulously create the ornate details are no longer commonly practiced.  Consequently, it is extremely difficult to find the right craftspeople to perform the unique and specialized work.  The owner mentioned that despite the challenges the building continually presents, the house has been incredibly good to everyone who walks through its doors.  For every wall repair and every room that was renewed with paint, her home has returned the favor innumerable times.  There is a sense of peace and mindfulness that you feel when you’re inside.  We playfully nicknamed this idea “house karma.” Be good to your home and it will be good to you.


You do not have to live in an ornate, antique building to experience house karma.  While no one looks forward to 20150826_155743water damage from an ice dam, cracked ceilings, warped wall surfaces, chipped moulding paint, or a decrepit stairwell and banister, these frustrating situations also bring an opportunity to nurture and treasure your home, as well as fortify against the elements and wear and tear of life.  At Larkin Painting, we approach each customer’s home with meticulous care, respect and gratitude.  As we inspect and prepare surfaces, help our customer’s choose paints or wall coverings, we make sure to choose the best products for the job.  We understand that the more we give your home, the more it will give back to you.  After all of the care we put into the renewal of your home, 20150826_155649 it gives the gift of restorative peace and ease.  No matter how challenging a problem the house might have presented for a customer, at the end of our process, the house and our customer’s relationship with it, is transformed and renewed.  It is greatly satisfying to help our customers nurture their homes, so that in turn their homes nurture them and their loved ones.  We are good to your home so it will be good to you.




Be well,