How do you turn your vision for your home into reality?  Unfortunately, many people struggle alone.  At Larkin Painting we embrace the art of collaboration.  We recently had the privilege of collaborating on the design of two fun and unique rooms for two fun and unique little people.  20151030_121012The first room featured a Red Sox mural for Luke, one of the smallest, but most dedicated Sox fans we know.  The second room featured polka dots galore and authentically reflected his sister’s vivacious personality.

Both projects required a lot of planning and design.  The family had to choose paint colors, design size, and placement among other aspects.  They wanted to turn their children’s vision into reality.  We advised them about the effects of colors they were considering, size of the murals, and placement of them.  When the littlest collaborators weren’t available to meet due to pre-scheduled nap times, we waited to work when their schedule cleared.  For the Red Sox mural, we discussed different options with the family and decided a smaller mural would work best on an accent wall.  For the polka dot room, we tried different colors and sizes.  Little Natalie even tested colors and polka dot sizes on her wall.  Creating the children’s murals and working with the families was a blast.  Collaboration is an art.  We always enjoy helping our clients realize their dreams.


Be well,