What is the Larkin Painting experience?  For sure it is a high-quality, excellent paint job, but it is more!  It is the listening, caring, and service that underpins our work-answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and fulfilling your unique vision of excellence.  The people of Larkin Painting embody the values of servant leadership.  We understand that the opportunity to work in your home is a privileged invitation: one that must be accepted with integrity and transparency.  Our model of service is anticipatory, proactive and responsive.  We anticipate issues that might occur in the process; you the customer should never have to deal with a “surprise” at the end of the job.  We are responsive to any issues or concerns that you may have as the work is progressing.  Our goal is for you to feel “better off” for having worked with us.  We are proactive in providing resources and information that helps you achieve your vision of excellence and beauty.


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We at Larkin Painting are women and men who take pride in our craft and find joy in helping families transform a space from “meh” to mesmerizing.  We are women and men who, like you, value a professional service relationship based upon expertise, trust, and mutual respect.  Every interaction holds the potential for a transformative experience.  We know that we share a common humanity, and our every action from our first greeting to our final farewell is to uphold the integrity of that trust.


We at Larkin Painting are skilled crafts-people whose career in this trade offers a way to provide for their families.  Likewise, we are fulfilled by providing service for other families.  We want to become your trusted advisors for the long term.  The ultimate success in our company is when a customer says, “we will miss you” at the end of a project.  I remember one especially touching farewell where a client began crying when it was time for us to depart.  Now we certainly don’t demand tears as proof that we have touched our customers’ lives.  But, we are humbled, happy and respectful of the relationship we have formed together with them and of the transformative nature of our time in their homes.  We want your transformed spaces and our presence to enrich your life even for the short time that our paths cross.


Be well,