Recently the Larkin Painting Company transformed the look of a spectacular hallway in a Beacon Hill home.  Beautifully textured wall coverings adorned the hallway walls.  We wanted to make sure that the coverings were showcased.  We helped our client choose a neutral color palette that complimented this unique design element perfectly.  Quite often we use a bright white glossy hue for trim.  However, in this case, the beautiful wall covering demanded a more subtle contrast.

Our client then chose three different colors for the three different areas of her hallway.  One color was for the trim.  Another color was slated for the bottom half of the painted walls.  Finally, another color was for the top portion of the textured walls.

Larkin Painting Company paints a hallway

Beautiful textured wall-covering with Larkin Painting trim and surface work

We first determined whether or not we wanted the covered walls to be the darkest of the three colors.   After some deliberation, we decided that the textured walls should have the darkest hue.

The hallway’s lighting design significantly influenced our choices.   Because the hallway was not lit very brightly, we chose to use lighter colors for the trim and lower wall areas.  The Larkin team painted the trim with a soft and fairly light neutral hue.  We painted the trim a few shades lighter
than the walls, but not quite white.  This technique made the trim pop a little so that there was a contrast with the wall surfaces.  Because we did not paint the trim a bright white, the contrast was not stark or jarring.  When choosing our color for the lower wall section, we looked for the lightest neutral tone we could find in the wall covering.  Our approach provided the subtle contrast we desired, and our client was thrilled with the result!  The textured wall covering beautifully accented the hallway, while the trim and lower walls blended and provided a subtle contrast.  The result was a beautifully, sophisticated space.
painting by Larkin Painting Company

Beacon Hill subtle contrast hallway

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