Intricate paintwork on built-in cabinetry

Recently we had the opportunity to work on a project with a deadline as short as the project was big.  We began the one-week job early one Friday morning at the Ritz Millennium Residences.  On that first day, we realized we would need more than the three team members we assigned to the project.  As the day charged on, the contractors received instructions to renovate more areas of the home.  Additional work orders were not the only immediate wrinkles in the plan that we needed to address.  Immediately, we were faced with two more challenges.  First, Monday was Presidents’ Day, and no one was allowed access to the building.  This set progress back a day before we had even started.  Second, we discovered that the trim and the walls would need multiple, extra coats.  With these challenges and an seemingly ever-expanding project, we increased our team to fifteen craftspeople, the most we had ever assigned to a job at one time.


Carefully painted trimwork

Contractors and painters alike were under pressure to perform a high-quality job in a quickly diminishing time-frame, without any margin for inefficiency.  We all worked tirelessly and came together as one team.  Emerson, our site supervisor, helped things run smoothly and ensured that all communications were timely and informative.  As painters, we make a specific plan for each day.  On this project, every crew member needed to have a foolproof plan and each plan needed to coincide with fourteen other plans.

Completing the job by the deadline was essential, but we had to make sure the quality didn’t take a backseat.  We were using Farrow & Ball paint, which is a beautiful, high-quality and singular product that demands a particular technique when applied.  Our prep procedures are always consistent regardless of deadlines; surfaces still needed to be expertly sanded and primed.  Our team worked quickly, but methodically.  They set personal deadlines for every task, and worked twelve-hour days until each was completed on time.


The contractors were a great support to our painters.   It’s incredibly helpful to work with a company who also values professionalism, quality, and really knows how to get the job done.  When you have a solid team that works well together, has high standards, and is professional in every aspect of the job, incredibly ambitious goals can be met!

Be well,