Quality is all in the details.  A recent exterior project featured an exquisitely detailed, antique, hand-carved scrollwork.  This piece demanded extreme care, a steady hand, and a delicate touch.  Such old, handmade features of homes are treasures, and we do our part to preserve this special part of New England’s architectural history and charm.


Porch pediment before we began

Although beautiful, the detailed scrollwork was hard to see because it blended completely into the white background.  The homeowner wanted the detailed carvings to be more prominent so that one could see its true beauty and uniqueness.  To successfully repaint it, we needed to scrape off the old paint, repair any cracks or holes we found, sand, prime, and finally paint.  You can see a bit of the work in progress in the picture below.  It was crucial that our painters be very careful with the raised edges and curves, as they are vulnerable and can be easily damaged.


Detail midway through the job.  You can see how the detail really pops with the new color.

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