The home improvement show, This Old House, is a good example of what it can mean to take time with your home improvement or remodel.  Home upgrades, improvements, and remodels don’t happen overnight even though many people wish for a quick fix.  Sometimes projects are delayed for technical reasons such as drying time.  When the days are humid, it takes longer for skim coats and paint to dry, longer for lacquer to cure.  Other times, the special stone you ordered is stuck on a slow boat docked in San Diego.  However, no matter the drying time or how many slow boats we encounter, it is valuable to step back and time to evaluate each stage of our work.  This is especially crucial with involved, delicate or complicated projects.  At Larkin Painting, we take time to step back.  This practice ensures that we are meeting the high level of quality and craftsmanship at each phase of the project.  Moreover, rushing a project can also lead to hasty and consequently poor design decisions.  Sometimes you won’t know what paint color to choose for the walls until you see how the new countertops and floors look together.  The process of renovating or updating is an extraordinary and significant event.  If this you approach this time in your home’s life thoughtfully and with patience, you will make the best decisions for your home and family.  If you take time with your decisions and the process, you will find yourself enjoying your new, exciting space that perfectly captures your vision.

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After the electrical updates, we will sand and skim coat the backsplash surface with multiple coats of compound.

Our client, Nadine, is currently updating her kitchen and shared her reflections on the process:

Peter and I joke that decorating is like an onion, with layer after layer being peeled back to reveal what needs to happen next. One layer always leads to another and a different group of craftsmen to achieve the desired effect.  And having skilled workers like Larkin to understand the process and execute our plans is what makes everything work.  Of course, careful scheduling is an absolute necessity, too, to allow everyone to complete their job without overlapping or rushing.  It is a multi-layered process and each layer of it requires careful planning, design decisions, and expert craftsmanship.  [. . .] with my kitchen renovation and [we] have managed to keep on schedule and have everything completed to my satisfaction.  It can get tricky and there needs to be a bit of a break between steps in the execution to stand back and evaluate how things have been completed.  It is never good to rush a decision.”


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