Make No Mistakes: Choose the Right Project for Your Home

How do you ensure that you make the right decisions when deciding which project or projects to tackle? You walk around your home and notice several spaces that could use some help-some more than others. There is the paint on your kitchen walls that seems to have a film on its surface. Then there is [...]

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Cabinet Conversion

Doors Cabinet conversion is one of the best ways to update your kitchen.  We found ourselves back at Millennium Place in downtown Boston recently.  Our client had a beautiful kitchen, but wanted an update. Preparing the space The cabinets were too darkly stained for the luxurious, bright look the homeowner envisioned. [...]

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As craftspeople, we have many skills, and invention is one of our most important.  We repair, prepare and paint many different types of surfaces.  Often, we find ourselves faced with a challenging project.  Other times we start a project that presents as straightforward at first, but then challenges develop as we work. Over the past [...]

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Drawer Dilemmas

Ah, those kitchen, bathroom and bedroom drawers, what are you to do with them when they start looking dingy, scratched and scuffed?  Drawers can seem to be a such "little" thing.  However, it is "little" things like this that wear you down and alter the good feelings you have (or had) about your home.  How [...]

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