As craftspeople, we have many skills, and invention is one of our most important.  We repair, prepare and paint many different types of surfaces.  Often, we find ourselves faced with a challenging project.  Other times we start a project that presents as straightforward at first, but then challenges develop as we work. Over the past [...]

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Update Your Kitchen with “New” Cabinetry

Do you want a low-cost way to update your kitchen?  Repaint your kitchen cabinetry!  We receive many requests to paint kitchen cabinetry.  Yes!  It can be done and done well.  We have satisfied many a customer.  Often our customers want to convert their darker stained cabinetry to paint to achieve a more contemporary look.  A [...]

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The Edited Palette of Farrow & Ball

Have you explored colors using an edited palette?  A few weeks ago, I attended a beautiful paint and wallcovering event hosted by Farrow & Ball, craftsmen in paint and paper.  We use their luxurious products and wanted to learn about their new offerings.  Farrow & Ball, an English company, have some higher price points than [...]

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Joyful Memories

Did you know that a part of our mission is to leave you with joyful and fun memories of our time with you?  You never think about it, but paint is a part of everyone's life at some point.  It can call up certain emotions and memories.  Obviously our job is to make your dreams [...]

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White-A Versatile Color

To celebrate snow finally making an appearance in Boston, The Larkin Painting Company is honoring the color white.  Are you thinking, "Wait a moment?  Isn't Larkin Painting, all about color?"  Yes, we are all about color, expressing your vision for your home, as well as your personality in your color choices.  It may be surprising, [...]

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Customer Service Award

we keep your home tidy while we work It is our mission to deliver consistent, high-level, customer service to our clients.  The Larkin Painting Company has earned the Angie's List Super Service award for the fifth consecutive year.  This customer service award reflects an exemplary year of service for 2015.   We are proud [...]

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A Room is Not Just a Room

Your home is made up of many rooms-kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, but a room is not just a room.  The poet, Richard Blanco, in his book: Looking for the Gulf Motel, wrote a poem entitled El Florida Room.  This poem perfectly describes the approach, attitude, and awareness that we bring to painting our customers' [...]

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The Art of Collaboration

How do you turn your vision for your home into reality?  Unfortunately, many people struggle alone.  At Larkin Painting we embrace the art of collaboration.  We recently had the privilege of collaborating on the design of two fun and unique rooms for two fun and unique little people.  The first room featured a Red Sox [...]

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The Special People in Our Lives

During the year, we all try to make sure we take time to recognize and appreciate the special people in our lives.  Sometimes we remember and sometimes we don't.  After all, we are only human.  As cliche as it might seem, the holidays are the perfect time to pause and tell others how much we [...]

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Life in Color

Do you love color?  We, at Larkin Painting Company, love color because we know human beings are born to see life in color; our eyes, brains, and emotional receptivity are made for it.  From as early as two to three months old, babies are able to perceive color.  Emotion is color's companion.  Sixty-two to ninety [...]

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